The Ammaenta


The ammaenta (ah-MAYNT-a, singular “ammaent”) are the twenty-seven great and mighty spirits created by the Monoad to minister unto the creation of Eaa-Ruut. They were the first beings to be brought forth into the new world, beings innately in tune with the Hymn of the Monoad, and are responsible for many wonders through the ages and, not least, for the creation of the Peoples of Man…


Little has been written on the physiology of the ammaenta, as none of the Peoples of Man have ever seen an ammaent in its true, unclad, form. Indeed, it is not even known if the ammaenta have biological sexes, or if, not intended to reproduce, they lack such attributes. This is due to two equally obscuring factors: the ammaenta’s definitive use of huge, intricately-crafted and figure-concealing armor, and their acknowledged capacity to alter their own physical shape.

What is known of their ‘basic’ form, however, is diverse and puzzling. They are known to have nine digits on each hand, often perceived to have been referenced in the fact that they created the nine-tiered heavens of Elu, and in the fact that their number is twenty-seven (three times nine). Certain other indicators, such as the shape and construction of their armor, indicate that they are humanoid, although many times larger than any of the Peoples of Man.

What is puzzling is that each of the Peoples of Man has been made in the image of one of the ammaenta, and the Peoples of Man exhibit a startling physical diversity.

The ammaenta are immune to both age and illness, and cannot be harmed by any conventional weapon or most kinds of magic. However, with the ritual invoked at the close of the Ourhumene Age they have, like all other living things, been rendered mortal.


The Ammaenta

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